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11/11/13 | by Joe [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized

I had to come to grips with the fact that running simply doesn't do it for me at the moment. It took a long time to admit it but its the truth. I did some soul searching in an attempt to figure what I want to do next. I can't just sit around continuing to get fat. I must get it under control for several reasons....but mostly for my health. A new Planet Fitness opened up about a mile and a half from me and considering my budget is tight, the $1 sign up fee and $9.95 monthly fee was attractive. So.....I signed up!

I took a few weeks off in between my last run and the gym opening....and ate like a pig. I weighed in at a horrible 232lbsa week go. Just unacceptable in every way. I started at the gym the 2 day they were open and have made an effort to get mt eating habits under control. So far, I'm doing well. 6 straight days of work outs! I went to the gym for times and did a variety of TM, Elliptical, and Stationary bike work. I ran outdoors 1 day, 3 miles and jumped on the road bike one day for 23 miles. I've also lost 5lbs but I have a long way to go.




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