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Thanksgiving Day was great

11/27/08 | by Tom [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized
Well today was a great day for me. I had the priviledge of meeting up with two great fiends to run the Iroquouis Hill Runners Thanksgiving Day Race. We arrived just before 8:00 am to get in a quick warmup mile. It's funny, when I started running 8 months ago, running a mile without stopping was my goal, and now it's a warmup. Anyway, me, Joe, and Kriston ran a quick mile, and then hung out together around the starting line festivities. They had a DJ, coffee, other drinks and goodies. There were a lot of people here for this race. Kriston's awesome mom, and boyfriend came to offer her support. We started just after 9:00 am after a rendition of "My Old Kentucky Home", and the "National Anthem". That was new to me. The first mile wasn't to bad. It was basically all uphill, but once you start up upill road, it's not to steep just long. I finished the first mile in 9:57. I could live with that. Under 10 mpm uphill. The second mile was basically more of the same. As you made it to the top, and made the turn at the first lookout, the had a young lady singing, and she didn't sound half bad. I finished the second in 10:27. I was starting to feel the effects of all the hill, and once you make that turn at the top, it is one of the steepest portions, and as of yet, I haven't had to walk. The third mile is when my head and lungs started playing games with me. i was still doing fine on the level portions, but the hills were starting to get to me. I had to walk for a portion of the uphills during this mile, and just wasn't feeling it through here. I finished this mile in 9:55. Yes, it surprised me to hear under 10:00. I guess I was trying to run to fast. The forth mile is pretty much all down hill. I knew I was about 20 sec off my 10 mpm pace, and wanted to make up some time, so I took advantage of this portion. I just let my self go. I controlled it enough to prevent to much shock on my knees, but I extended my stride and it helped a lot. I ended up running this mile at a 9:08 pace. The last mile is still mostly downhill, and after the great time on the forth, I wanted to finish strong, so I kept pushing the pace, and actually increased it unintentially to 8:34. I actually felt like this mile was slower, but that's what the garmin had, and should be pretty close on total time to where I entered the chute. All in all it was a good race for me at 48:28, 9:34 avg pace It was just great getting to run this race with Joe, and Kriston even though we don't run the same pace together. It's just nice to have someone else there to help to keep you motivated, which brings me to my close. What am I greatful for this year. 1. My wife. She will always be number one even if we don't always agree. 2. Having great friends such as Joe, Kriston, and everyone else who participates on our website for helping to keep me motivated. 3. Joe period. It is great having someone with a lot of the same goals and life experiences. Without Joe, I probably wouldn't be running, wouldn't have this website, or the great people on it as friends, and would probably still be at 210 lbs. Thanks buddy. 4. My health. All in all through my running, I haven't had any significant injuries to keep me from running. 5. A great place to work with job security during these crazy financial times. 6. And to anyone who takes the time out of their life to read this blog. You all rock.

Back to Thurmin-Hutchins Park

11/24/08 | by Tom [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized
I decided to go back to the place that kicked my but last. Mostly because it is on my way home, and partly because I am confused as to why I had such shin trouble there last time. I made sure to stretch good. I did more pre-run stretching than I ever have just to be sure. I started out and the temp was about 45, and a little windy which felt pretty good. I went out at about an 11 mpm pace to make sure I wasn't going to fast. I got to about the mile mark, and there it was again. What the &^%$%. The 8 mile run on Saturday was a piece of cake compared to this. What gives. The only difference is this place is rediculously flat. Maybe thats the problem. Maybe my shins like the work going uphill, and getting to coast a bit on the downhill. So I decided to try something. There are no hills around, so I decided to kick it up and run about an 8 mpm pace for about .25 miles, and back to 11 mpm for about a .25. Guess what it worked. The last 2 miles went almost shin pain free. doesn't really make sense to me, but that's what I did, and that was my result. Not saying that would work for anyone else, but that is what worked for me today. I'll probably play with it some more, as I said, this park is on my way home, so I will probably get to know it pretty well. There are actually 2 more trails here to try, but they are not lit like the main path, and they go through the wooded areas, so by the time I get there after work, it's a little to dark. I'll let you all know how it goes next time.

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