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Just hours to go!

04/10/09 | by Tom [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized
It's almost bed time. I have to get up about 5:30 in the morning to start getting my game face on. LOL Tomorrow is going to by the longest race I have ran to date at 10 miles. I am both excited, and intimidated at the same time. How fast should I run. I know I need to pace myself, both to be able to finish well, and simply to survive the park. I have ran several times in Iroquois park both in races and just training, so I am comfortable with it. However, my races have all been relatively short, and all my training runs have been relatively slow. This will be the first long run involving the park in a race. The goal I think will be to go conservative until out of the park, and then negative split the second half. It sounds more impressive than it is, as most people that don't go out to hard and burn their self out through the park will most likely negative split just do to the course. Any way, that is my current thoughts on tomorrow's race. Good luck to everyone running tomorrow, and If you are running the Papa John's 10 miler tomorrow, look us up before the race. We plan to park here:Papa John's Lot You shouldn't be able to miss us. I will be in my blue Kia Optima with some new RunTheVille signs in the front and rear windows. Hope to see you there!

Ready for the weekend!

04/09/09 | by Tom [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized
This weekend is the Papa John's 10 miler. I'm as ready as I'm going to get. This will be the longest race I have completed yet, and it will be my judge for my preparedness for the mini marathon on the 25th. I have ran my last run until this weekend last night. I ran 6 miles at a 9:15 pace for 6 miles. I felt pretty good, but I had planned 8. I started feeling a little twinge in my right knee, and decided not to push it this close to the 10 miler. Now we shall see. This weekend is also Easter weekend, so that means I will spending most of Sunday with family. I am looking forward to that. I haven't spent enough time with family lately. Tomorrow is only a half day for me at work as I am taking off the second half to go pick up my packet for Saturdays race, and hopefully hang out for a while at the expo with Joe and Kriston. I hope everyone has a great weekend, and anyone racing any race anywhere has a great race.

What a great month

03/31/09 | by Tom [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized
You have to be quick around here, Joe done stole my blog idea for today. Oh well, I'll continue anyway. I started the month with a little apprehension, not knowing for sure how the Triple Crown races would go. I ran well in the Polar Bear Grand Prix series, but I was starting to struggle with my training runs in February. Not just running them well, but even getting them in. It seemed like every time I turned around there was something else in the way. I kept trudging along though, and eventually that turned around. I was finally starting to get in some decent runs, and the results show that. I have PR'd both my 5K time with the Anthem 5K Fitness Classic, and my 10K time with the Rodes City 10K. Not by a little either, I took off over a minute on my 5K from only a few weeks prior, and 8 minutes off my 10K time from last August. I also managed to get a new monthly distance PR this month with 80 miles. I have been doing my Tempo runs and speed work at the gym, but I think the largest part of the increase in speed really goes to an increase in endurance from the great Saturday runs I do with our run Group. I can actually get through a run at race pace without having to stop and walk like I would usually end up doing even if just a minute here and a minute there. I really would not be were I am with the runs I do with them. Thanks Joe, Kriston, and Christian (our newest run group member) you guys make all the difference.

Blah Week so far

03/26/09 | by Tom [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized
This week has just been incredibly long so far. I think it's because my running has been suffering this week due to a knee issue. I ran on Sunday, and since then, my left knee has had a pain in the center back. Not sure if it is just soreness or something else, but I have been letting it rest. I finally made it back out with Christian last night after work for an easy run downtown. I got in an easy 2.9 miles with him, and I stopped there. I could feel it starting to think about giving me a hard time, so I decided to stop there and not try to push it. Thinks for inviting me out there Christian. I needed the extra motivation to get my but out there. Any way, the knee is feeling quite a bit better today, maybe it just need loosening up or something. Maybe that is the turn I needed to get this week back on track.

Rodes City 10K

03/22/09 | by Tom [mail] | Categories: Uncategorized
Friday, I was at work, and the longer the day went, the more excited I got about this race. I'm not really sure why, maybe it's because for some reason I like this distance. I think it's because you are starting to get more into the endurace aspect compared to a 5K. I'm not sure, I just know I do. For what ever reason, I was more excited about this race than any race I have ran yet. Saturday morning, I had my alarm set for 5:15 am. I didn't need it though. I awoke at 5:00 and was wide awake and ready to go. I got up and began my pre-race morning routine. I like to stay up and moving to get my stomach ready, and get that first bathroom break out of the way before I head out the door; otherwise it could be trouble. Joe came by the house about 6:40 and we were headed downtown. I parked my car a few blocks from the starting line, and he picked me up and we headed down to Slugger field area to meet up with everyone. When we arrived, Christian and his sister-in-law, and Lee where already there and waiting. Shortly after Kriston and Joey showed up. About 7:15, we started our warmup run by running up to the Starting line. Somewhere along the way, we got seperated from Kriston, Joey, Christian, and Christian's sister-in-law. Sorry about that guy's. Once we got to the starting line, Lee and Joe headed to the restrooms since Lee hadn't been since he left Evansville, and the coffee he had drank made it a necessity. Shortly after Kriston decided she needed to go as well. Well aparantly there weren't enough. Lee barely made it back in time and Kriston finally just gave up. At 8:00 we got the start. Me and Joe ran together through the first mile at an 8:05 pace. After that, I dropped back just a bit. I stayed close enough to still see Joe through the 3 mile mark. I was averaging an 8:20 pace through most all of the race. I didn't have too much trouble passing, but it didn't seem quite as easy as the Anthem 5K for some reason. There were lots of people around the course cheering us on which great, and very much appreciated. One I particularly remember was at some one's house. They were very vocal, and exhuberant, but they had some fireworks that they were setting off, and that smoke was almost intollerable at that point. I was breathing pretty good, and my lungs didn't care for that smoke at all. My only other complaint, was the last home stretch. It was a slight uphill all the way to the finish, and they had several monitoring lines accross the road so they could call out names of people coming to the finish. These caused me and others that I talked to to have a strange stride coming to the finish rather than being able to just kick to the end. All in all I would say this was a very good race. I really enjoyed it, and really enjoyed hanging out with some great friends. I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did, and for the most part, I beleive all did.

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