Too much “ROUTINE” training…need to change it up!

ok, I ran 3 days last week…..yay for me. Problem is, that’s not really want I want to do. Don’t get me wrong, I want to run…..and run a lot but that’s not my ultimate goal. I want to do a mixture of training and honestly, I just haven’t made the effort to do so.

I’m not totally down on myself or discouraged….not in the least. If anything I have been consistent with my running and eating but I want to do more and BE MORE!

Mon – Took the day off after a very busy weekend.

Tues – 4 miles at a 8:20. My fastest effort at that distance in a very long time. I felt great!

Wed – SRD

Thurs – 4 mile run. Nothing special here, I just ran 4 miles

Fri – SRD

Sat – 6.2 miles at a 9.19 pace. Really wasn’t feeling great during the run but I was glad I did it when I finished.

Sun – Had my boys later than usual so no spin class then I got lazy for the rest of the day. Can’t keep letting these random lazy days happen. It was a nice day, I should have done something.

So far this month I have missed 5 days of scheduled workouts…gotta quit that non-sense. I’ve lost 14lbs since November.